Without the right attorney for probate litigation you could risk...

Loosing a case because they don’t make the appropriate statements and applicable law.

Without Estate Planning you could risk...

Loosing your voice and having someone else make life altering decisions for you and your family.

My Services

Have confidence that a specialized attorney will advocate best for you and your family.

Receive a sense of security knowing you’re voice will be heard for yourself and your family for years to come.

Probate Litigation

Estate Planning

Meet Sarah

I’ve been appointed by Oakland County and Genesee County Probate Counts serving 100’s of individuals since 2007.

I hate seeing people be taken advantage. I make sure my clients are protected just like how I would want my own family to be. I’m a mother, daughter, niece, friend and treat my clients as they are family.

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How to work with me?

Through a 30 min. consultation I’ll explain my initial thoughts on the case and what it looks like working with me.

Free Consultation

After we decide if working together is a good fit you’ll sign a fee agreement to move forward.

Sign Retainer

I will file an appearance that will initiate our partnership together.

Start & Rest Assured

I understand that what you really want is confidence, knowing that your wishes will be honored for you and your family. In order to have that confidence you need a specialized attorney to advocate for you. You shouldn’t have to deal with life altering consequences without estate planning or hiring the right attorney. That’s why I specialize in estate planning and probate law. I treat all my clients like I would my own family, protecting and advocating for them to help ensure their wishes are honored.

What makes me different?